Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Whee! For the love of short sleeves~

Short sleeved tops are the best, and here's why:
  1. Long-sleeved tops are too warm, and sleeveless tops do not help me hide my flabby - let's put it this way - yet-to-be-toned arms.
  2. They are the easiest to throw on every sleepy morning (Refer to last picture at the bottom of this post)
  3. They help us breeze through the day, both indoors and outdoors - no cold shoulders indoors, no revealing of flabby arms outdoors.
My constant hunt for short sleeved tops online has finally paid off with the discovery of Young Hungry Free. While many top blogshops in Singapore stock short sleeved tops, there are either too little choices, or the stocks are too limited, or they are too small to fit a size-M girl with moderate BMI - just a feedback.

And so, you have gotta check out the awesome collection of short-sleeved tops stocked by Young Hungry Free, at reasonable prices. The quality has been described as "good", and I will find out when my parcel comes.

Ruffled Tee in Blue, cotton, $24,

Scallop Hem Lace in Blue, lace, $25,

Jersey Shirt in Black, chiffon, $25,

Flare Cropped Top in Mint, polyester blend, $26,

Pleated Top in Blue, polyester, $26,

Embroidered Peplum Top in Black, polyester blend, $26,

Mark Cropped Raglan in Red, cotton, $26,

With a wardrobe full of light, short-sleeved tops as above, it really takes minimum effort each morning to pull something out and throw it on without thinking too much, and look good. To achieve that convenience, the items below have been tried and tested personally for the past 2 weeks.

I absolutely have to rave about the Uniqlo AIRism Bra Top. They were honestly god-sent with their comfort, and is the best investment for us here in Singapore, who get to enjoy the humid summer all year round. Somehow it is able to wick sweat, and help me to stay fresh throughout the day. The experience of having clothes stuck to the body in the cloying humidity is far behind me. I own a few in black as I wear this on a daily basis. They help me preserve my modesty when wearing translucent chiffon tops, or when wearing cropped tops that threaten to reveal my tummy if I as much as raise my arm a little... And since they are so thin, I have the freedom to throw on any top I want over it and start the day.

The next essential item would be the Ultra Stretch Jeans, also from Uniqlo, as it is both office appropriate and comfortable enough to wear everyday, whether you are at work or not. One other option would be by Jeanesis at Lowry's Farm. It is not news, but slim black jeans are real multi-taskers. Not only do they go well with everything, they give the illusion of slimmer legs. Both the ones from Jeanesis and Uniqlo are highly stretchable and comfortable, which is very important if you spend a major part of your day in them.

Some other everyday items as featured above would be:
Shoes from Charles and Keith, $56.90
Yellow Tote from Coach, $645.00
Sunnies ("Maala Shades") from Young Hungry Free, $21.00

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kim Tae-hee for Isabey de Paris 2013 Summer

What I find very challenging about the summer weather is how to look professional and fresh when working indoors, and when you step outside into the 35 deg sun for lunch. And over here in summerland, the challenge is all year round.

The answer comes from in the form of this photo set by Kim Tae-hee, featuring pretty short sleeved dresses, soft chiffon overlays, and smart-looking light blazers in cheerful colours. Kim Tae-hee currently stars in the beautiful and cinematic historical drama Jang Ok Jung, Live by Love, as Jang Hee-bin a.k.a Jang Ok Jung.

Korean's most beautiful actress (most would agree) for Isabey de Paris' 2013 Summer collection is summer-appropriate office chic at its best. Scroll down for the full pictorial.

Apologies for the lapse in posting on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and especially here. Things have gotten a little busy for all of us, but trust that we'll be back with more style ideas soon. 

Meanwhile, do check out Jang Ok Jung, Live by Love if you have not. Currently into its 20th episode, it is arguably one of the highlights in korean drama world this year, with beautiful cinematics, the ambitious attempt to re-explain history, and an exciting cast to boot. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tiffany of Girls' Generation gets beachy for Korea's 1st Look Magazine

Smiley eye goddess Tiffany of Girls' Generation (SNSD) is all sunshine and summery in her latest pictorial for Korea's 1st Look Magazine Volume 45.

Scroll down for the full pictorial and some behind the scenes pictures.

Oh, oh oh eh oh
Noteworthy: White floral dress and orange lips
Here comes trouble, hey girl listen!
Noteworthy: Cobalt blue heels, white lace cape.
Oh, oh oh eh oh
Noteworthy: Sequin wedges

Don’t stop! Let’s bring it back to one-forty
Noteworthy: Pink heels, denim embroidered top

We love the yummilicious shoes, the lace, the floral prints, and the bright colors, as well as Tiffany's beautiful smile. Tiffany spots shiny silver nails throughout the whole pictorial, perfect for reflecting the beautiful sunshine. Even the cotton candy looks delish.

I got a boy meotjin. I got a boy chakhan.
Noteworthy: Floral wedges, floral cropped top
I got a boy handsome boy nae mam da gajyeogan
Noteworthy: Black heels, floral corset, stack of assorted bangles

Stop! Let me put it down another way. 
Noteworthy: Dipped hem halter top, sequin heels

I got a boy meotjin. I got a boy chakhan.
Noteworthy: Straw hat with navy blue detail, jade green t-bar wedges
I got a boy awesome boy wanjeon banhaenna bwa
Noteworthy: Bejewelled bib necklace
Romanized lyrics from Girls' Generation's I Got A BoyAnd more of Tiffany, behind the scenes:

The hidden bobby pins behind Tiffany's seemingly careless wind-tousled hair

The denim top up close <3

The lace cape looks divine both front and back!

Nice straw hat! Loving the bead bracelets stacked together with Tiffany's pink watch. Coral and jade look great together.

Wrap-around watch and bejewelled bangles

Aaand... We'll be back with more :) 


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gray nails + pile on the dainty rings - Face Shop BK901

Gray is the new black.

And Gray is also the new white.

And oh, oh... Gray is the new nude.

Heck, Gray is also the new pastel... That includes pinks, light blues, mint greens, lavenders... Come to think of it, turn the whole world into a black and white movie, all the colors would simply be different shades of gray.

If you are looking for your next nail colour, go urban chic, and look no further than gray. Gray on nails makes a beautiful neutral that goes with everything, and looks soft and pastel. For this post, I tested a gray polish from The Face Shop - BK901.

Nails: The Face Shop BK901, Gray floral top: Heather, Lowry's Farm

BK901 by The Face Shop is a surprisingly good formula. I have had problems with Face Shop's pastel shades before - they turned out streaky and I made quite a mess - but this time round, the formula must have been improved. For just $2.90, the texture was creamy and gel-like, and such a breeze to apply. There was also no unpleasant odor typical of nail polish. The first coat was streaky, but it was opaque by the second coat. I brushed on 1 more coat just to be safe. 

Nails: The Face Shop BK901, Rings: JRunway, Plaza Singapura (new wing)
There! 3 coats was all it took my shaky hands to achieve something more or less flawless. The shine came from the trusty Seche Vite top coat. Otherwise, BK901 dries matte.

Nails: The Face Shop BK901, Rings: JRunway, Plaza Singapura (new wing)

I checked out JRunway at Plaza Singapura just recently, and was absolutely taken by the dainty rings they stock. As Rei puts it, you gotta hand it to the Japanese. I have no idea where else one could find rings as thin, as pretty, and as sturdy. Pile them on a la Man Repeller for a chic and couldn't-care-less 'tude.

And here's a round up of some nice gray shades stocked by other brands.

From left to right:
1. Grey, Barry M Nail Paint Classic Collection, ASOS, SGD$6.40. Barry M has a cult following for its easy to apply formula. This is a shade of pure, dark gray.
2. Cocktail Bling, Essie, from the Winter 2011 collection. SGD$10-$15. A sweet and shimmery shade of medium blue-toned gray. Suits cool and warm skin tones, but may not match with all your clothes.
3. French Quarter for your Thoughts, OPI. SGD$10-$28. True, neutral, industrial, light smoky gray. Think cement, but creamy and easy to apply. Dries a shade darker.
4. Gris Montaigne 707, Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer. Price unavailable. Dark, elegant, neutral gray in a thin but opaque and highly pigmented formula.
5. BK901, The Face Shop LOVELY ME:EX. SGD$2.90. Light, neutral gray, a good balance of industrial and romantic pastel. Opaque in 2 coats, easy to apply. Best value!